If you plan to have a flower girl and/or ring bearer in your wedding, chances are you will make their day!  Many little kids look forward to the day they will get to be in a wedding (as proof by this 4-year old!).   Here are some of the cutest trends we are seeing for the little attendants (as seen on The DC Ladies).

1) Signs – For the ring bearer, instead of a fake ring on a pillow, we are seeing signs that speak directly to the groom (such as “Uncle Josh, Here Comes Your Girl”).  Flower girls can get in on the action to, and instead of carrying flowers, carry a celebratory sign (such as “Yay!” or “Here Comes the Bride”!).

2) Floral Crowns – Floral crowns are extremely popular and adorable for a flower girl.  It’s a sweet idea to include this extra touch especially if the flower girl is a daughter or niece.

3) Page Boy Attire – For the little ring bearers, a traditional tux is not necessary.  Instead, a pageboy outfit with a bowtie, vest or suspenders, and a hat is an adorable option.

4) Wagons – If you have multiple flower girls and ring bearers, and one or two are around 10-12 years and the younger ones are around 2-4 years, you could have the older kids wheel the younger ones in a wagon.  Of course, this is dependent on location and works best at a private home or outside venue.

5) Pets – Perhaps the only thing cuter than a child in the wedding party, is a well-behaved pet along side of the child!  Depending on the location (and if pets are allowed), the flower girl and/or ring bearer would walk the couple’s pet down the aisle.  This is perfect for couples that love their pet and have a very well trained dog companion!