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Getting married and planning a wedding is such an emotional roller coaster. It can be worse however, for those of you that have lost loved ones. The wedding day can make the absence of someone you love even more heart wrenching. Moments that should be filled with pure happiness turn bittersweet when you notice they are not by your side. You may be racking your brain trying to think of the perfect way to honor their memory and below we have put together a few of our favorite ideas to do just that. You can never replace their presence, but hopefully this way you feel that you were able to take them with you as you completed this next big step into a new chapter of your life.

Saving Them A Seat

Reserving them a place at your wedding symbolizes the fact that they still do and always will have a place in your heart. You can set a photo, a single rose, or a meaningful item from them in the seat as their representative. This is a very sweet way to honor their memory.

Bouquet Charms & Decorations

Although it’s not the same as walking down the aisle with them, adding bouquet charms with their photo or wrapping an old neck tie around your bouquet is a very meaningful way to represent a special man from your life. Seeing that small piece of them will offer you comfort as you take those steps.

Serve Their Signature Recipe

What better way to celebrate their life and talents than to serve one of their own recipes? The smell and taste will remind you of the intimate moments you shared eating and making them together.

A Photo Display

Your guests will love to look through a photo display of the memories that are close to your heart. Especially if they cared for that person as well, being reminded of those cherished times will bring a smile to their face.

Lighting A Lantern & More

Lighting a lantern or candle is a very respectful and beautiful way to honor a loved one’s memory. It’s an old tradition that lives on to this day for that reason. There are many more small and subtle ways to involve them on your wedding day, such as dancing to their favorite song, putting a note of recognition in the program, releasing balloons, or even asking for a moment of silence to remember them. Whichever you choose, your family and guests will appreciate the effort you are making to emphasize the love you have for the person that made such a big impact on your life.

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