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Creative Guestbook Ideas

Bright Occasions, DC Wedding Planner, Creative Guest Book Ideas

The guestbook from your wedding will be a keepsake that you as a couple will want to keep and cherish for the rest of your lives together. Something of that amount of importance should be given a lot of thought. There are a bunch of creative and original ideas out there for your guests to leave you sweet notes beyond the typical “book”. Hopefully this blog post will inspire you to choose something on the off beaten path, but very become memorable and close to your heart.

The Wishing Tree Guestbook

Bright Occasions, Wishing Tree, Giftbook Ideas, DC Wedding Planner, Wedding Blogger
Image by Rachael Foster Photography

This photo is actually from an event that we collaborated with Rachael Foster Photography for. We just loved the idea of a  wishing tree with individual hand written notes from your guests that will not only look pretty and original at your wedding, but will last for years as a beautiful and meaningful piece of decor for your home. Another great aspect of this idea is that all your guests – even the last ones to sign – have the same amount of room to write their well wishes to you.

The Modern Guestbook

Image by Ali Harper Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

No longer does a photographer have to run from table to table to videotape congratulations from your guests like in the dark ages of the 80’s and 90’s. Take a step into modern day by setting up a table of a few smart devices that your tech savvy guests can use to record their sweet or funny messages to you. You can get them put onto a DVD to keep and watch as many times as you like. How much fun will it be to get back from your honeymoon or even 30 years from now and sit down to watch all the action happening again!

The Vinyl Guestbook

Bright Occasions, Vinyl Guestbook, Creative Guestbook Ideas, DC Wedding Planner, DC Blogger
Image by Red Apple Tree Photography

Want a really fun and original guestbook? Use vinyls! They’re easy to write on, will look really nice displayed in your home, and you can find special or funny titled vinyls that describe your wedding day. Your guests will get a kick out of it and you can pay tribute to the old school kid in you. Plus this is a guestbook that you can have out for people to see and read on your wall instead of a book that stays locked in a closet.

The Classic Guestbook

Bright Occasions, Message in a Bottle Guestbook, Creative Guestbook Ideas
Image by Mastin Studio

What’s more classic than a message in a bottle? It’s not anything crazy, but shaking out the messages from your loved ones will be so much more of an experience than just flipping through pages in a book. There’s something about individually written notes from the people that you love that speaks for itself. Put them back in and have the bottle displayed in your home for you to take out and reminiscence every now and then as the years go by.

These are some of our favorite non-typical guestbooks and we hope that they have given you that wedding inspiration you were looking for!

Xoxo, Cecilia – brightoccasionsoffice@gmail.com – www.brightoccasions.com