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Post Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding takes such a huge amount of time and energy that many couples don’t think about what needs to be done after the party is over. Don’t worry, we have a checklist below that will keep you on track with everything you need to get done once you’ve said your vows. Two important tasks from the checklist below are to change your name on all legal documents (if you changed it) and to discuss with your new partner how you want to file your taxes for next year. It’s not as fun as planning a wedding, but they still need to be checked off your list. A much more enjoyable task from the list is to ask all of your family and friends to post their photos from the wedding with a custom hashtag so you can relive all of the fun from that night. We also suggest for those brides that go through wedding withdrawl (it’s a real thing!) to find a fun new hobby either as a couple or on your own to replace the energy you spent planning and preparing for your wedding. So go ahead and read below on what you should be keeping in mind as you begin your marriage.

Newlywed Checklist 2

We hope you found this checklist helpful! Do you have any additional ideas or comments? Let us know!

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