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Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Washingtonian Weddings, Engaged Magazine and many other print and online publications, Margo has become known for customizing events and adding her distinguishing style (classic elegance with a splash of color).

Happy New Year! Washingtonian Unveiled & What we’ve been up to (A personal post).

Happy new year! We are so excited for 2018 and all of the amazing clients we are working with this year. We have some dates still available for Spring, Summer and Fall, so if you are engaged please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your wedding planning needs. Our team at Bright Occasions is looking forward to planning classic, timeless and beautiful weddings and events in the Washington, DC region. To get the year started, we are gearing up to showcase at this year’s Washingtonian Bride & Groom Unveiled. We will be giving away a ticket later this week. So stay tuned for details!

If you follow Bright Occasions on Instagram (@Margobrightoccasions or #brightoccasions). You may see a cute little baby from time to time! This past August, my husband and I welcomed our baby into this world. Without boring you with all the details, I wanted to share some of his sweet newborn images by Procopio Photography and share a personal post about becoming a working mama!

So here is the story of how our little Jacob came into this world. I’ll try and make this brief! My husband and I found out we were pregnant about a year ago. Getting pregnant was a bit more challenging for us than some, so this was very exciting news! We decided to go old school and not find out the gender. We lovingly referred to Jacob as “Baby Boop”, since we didn’t know the gender and were planning to name the baby after his/her birth (we did have some names picked out ahead for a boy or girl).

Fast forward to August, as a first time mom I was expecting our baby to be born on or after the due date. So naturally planned several personal things well up to 40 weeks. I did not have any pre-labor symptoms/signs (that I knew of). And was even working out up until August 1st. I stopped because of back pain (which may have actually been some pre-labor signs as my labor was mostly in my back). Even at my 38 week check-up, the doctor said “baby isn’t coming anytime soon” and we discussed setting up an induction date the following week, in case baby was late.

A few days later, things changed quickly! My husband and I went out to dinner with friends on a Friday evening. That night he went to sleep earlier and I decided to stay up to watch some TV and then do this pre-natal stretching video that I had been doing nightly to help my back pain. After the video, I went to get into bed and I just could not get comfortable. So I decided to go and sit in the glider in the nursery until I was more comfortable. I quickly realized my back pain were contractions, but I wasn’t sure if they were real or Braxton Hicks (practice contractions). I decided it might be a good idea to finish packing the hospital bag (note to other first time moms-to-be, start packing that bag earlier than when labor starts :).

Very quickly these contractions became very intense lasting around a minute and about 3-5 minutes apart. So I woke up my husband and asked him to help me finish packing the bag. We realized after he finished packing the bag that things were not slowing down and he called the Doctor who suggested we go to the hospital. We were in triage for awhile, because even though my contractions were very close together, I wasn’t dilated enough to be admitted to a Labor room. Finally, right before we were about to go back home, we were approved to head to the Labor room. And our baby was born about 4 and 1/2 hours later, less than 10 hours of when it all started! We were so pleasantly surprised that we had a baby boy, with all of his fingers and toes :).

Thank you so much to Cicely at Procopio Photography who captured these sweet newborn photos of Jacob! I already can’t believe he was that small once. Those first few weeks are just a blur, exhaustion doest even begin to describe it all. I’m so glad we did a newborn session and have these photos of little Jacob when he was first born.

We will be back later this week with a few more personal updates and a give away for Washingtonian! We cannot wait to connect with all of the engaged couples at this year’s Unveiled 2018. For information to the show, head over to the Washingtonian Bride and Groom Website.

Also, a special thank you to Procopio Photography. They are an amazing DC area wedding photography team and if you haven’t seen their work, you have got to go over to their website! Cicely and Jason are amazing and wonderful to work with! And another shoutout to Make-up Artist Mimi Tran. She also is a new mama, and took time right before giving birth to come and do my make-up for the newborn session. We love working with her. She is so calming and does a fantastic job with our brides and their ladies.