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Involving Pets in your Wedding

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Photo by Kristen Gardner Photography / Bright Occasions Real Wedding

If your pet is a member of your family and an important part of your life with your significant other, you may not be able to imagine not having him/her(s) at your wedding ceremony. Our Bright Occasions Team completely understands the significance and draw of having your best friend or friends at such an important occasion.The photos will be adorable and every guest will ooh and ahh as your furry friend walks down the aisle, but it’s also very important to be practical. There are some things to consider when making this decision, but having them there will definitely be worth it if you do it right. See photo above of a real Bright Occasions wedding!


Bright Occasions, Weddings, Pets
Image from Blog Lovin’

The number one thing to consider is if you are willing to sacrifice wedding venues. Unfortunately, most indoor venues are not pet friendly. Your best bet would be to look into vineyard or garden venues. On the plus side, there are a surplus of options in the DMV area. Virginia especially is home to many vineyards and outdoor venues in general. Your next consideration should be if you think your pet is well behaved enough to sit through the ceremony quietly. No one likes to admit it, but some pets can be too noisy or too easily over stimulated to be in attendance. If you don’t think your pet has what it takes to be around that many people but still want them involved, bring them to the venue before the ceremony for photos.

Bright Occasions, Weddings, Pets
Image from Want the Wedding

Make sure that if your pet is walking down the aisle with you or before you to practice, practice, and practice some more. Even well tempered animals are likely to feel a little skittish with that much activity going on. When your pet has an idea of what to do or how to act, things will run much smoother. Also, designating a handler for your pet throughout the day is a must. You will simply be too busy to be to attend to them for longer than a few minutes. We advise leashing to avoid your pet wandering or jumping on people in their formal attire. If you want your pet to look more festive, decorate their leash or collar with flowers or ribbon. Can’t you already imagine the wedding photos?

Bright Ocassions, Weddings, Pets
Photo by Chard Photographers

For the equestrians out there that want to make a grand entrance, walking or riding your horse to the aisle will do it! Down the actual aisle may be impractical depending on the size of both the aisle and the animal. The only way your guests will be able to describe your wedding is to call it something out of a fairy tale!

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