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Featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Washingtonian Weddings, Engaged Magazine and many other print and online publications, Margo has become known for customizing events and adding her distinguishing style (classic elegance with a splash of color).

Finding Something Blue

One of the most arguably well known wedding customs for good luck on the big day is for the bride to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. According to The Knot, the custom actually comes from an Old English rhyme and something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. Finding the something blue can be a bit trickier than any of the other trinkets. So if you’re a superstitious bride here are few suggestions that seamlessly add that important piece of blue.


Bright Occasions, Something Blue, Manolo Blahnik heels
Image from Pinterest

By wearing either blue shoes or blue soled shoes, you can easily add that something blue. They can either be flaunted and displayed as a beautiful pop of color or can be hidden depending on the length of your dress and your preference.

Bright Occasions, Something Blue, Sandals
Image from Emmaline Bride


Bright Occasions, Something Blue, Nails
Image from Pinterest

For a more traditional bride that wants to have the all white ensemble, including the shoes, getting a blue manicure or pedicure is the way to go. You can even be tricky and have the fronts white and the backs blue like the photo above. This is a truly effortless and elegant way to add that something blue.

Bright Occasions, Something Blue, Nails
Image by Christopher Norris Photographers

Sewn heart

Bright Occasions, Something Blue, Sewn Heart
Image from Wedding Party

For a completely hidden “something blue”, a popular trend is to sew a blue heart on the inside of your dress. This way if you want your piece of blue to be private, it can be. It also makes the dress perfect to pass down to your daughter because it can be the something borrowed and blue!

Bright Occaisons, Something Blue, Sewn Heart
Image by Nagel Portraits


Bright Occasions, Something Blue, Accessory
Image from Etsy

And finally, hairpins are probably the simplest way to add that piece of blue. However, never underestimate simplicity because pins can be the epitome of class and elegance. They will complete your up-do and there a lot of fun options. Etsy is a great place to look for vintage looking pins that can also eventually be passed down to your daughters.

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