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How to Use Social Media to Share your Wedding Day – Sign of the Times

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We live in a time where we have the ability to connect to someone half way across the world in a matter of seconds and today’s weddings can be shared instantly using social media. The internet has joined us in a way nothing else ever has. Its taken our world by storm and of course it has it’s pros and cons, but today we are going to focus on how to use social media to share your wedding day. There are a lot more resources out than there were 30 years ago when our parents were getting married. Cecilia, our super creative and awesome intern is sharing advice on some of the top ways to use social media to share your wedding.

Instagram Account

A great idea that we’ve seen used is creating an Instagram account for your wedding and asking your guests to tag you in any photos they take, along with your wedding hashtag. That way you can view your wedding from every perspective and see any fun moments you might have missed while you were there. You can use the Instagram account to share wedding information to all of your guests making it sort of a mini website documenting your big day and a bit easier to monitor what you’ve been tagged in. It’s also a convenient way for you to get out any information your guests may need or to answer any questions they have. Definitely something to keep in mind.


Another wonderful way to view photos your guests have taken is to get them to use a hashtag when posting. Using something unique and creative will help you to keep it specific to your wedding alone. Just type that hashtag into the search engine and every photo posted with that hashtag will come up! This is a great alternative to creating an actual Instagram account and this can be used on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Make sure your guests know the hashtag – make a sign and display it or even put the hashtag in your invitations or programs.

Live Streaming

Besides seeing your guest’s photos you can also use the internet to live stream your wedding for relatives and friends that are unable to attend the actual ceremony. This can especially be useful for couples that choose to have a destination wedding, which inevitably restricts some guests from coming. Live streaming should absolutely be something for a couple to consider – there will always be a loved one that is prevented from coming by some circumstance or another and it would undoubtedly mean a lot to them to still be able to see such a special moment in your life.


Social Media is an instant way to connect and share your weddings with friends and family. As a couple, you and your partner should decide how you want to use social media for your wedding planning and to share your wedding day. We have provided wedding planning advice before and if you are new to the blog, you can see other wedding planning tips here and you can also see some other great articles that Cecilia has shared.

Xoxo, Cecilia – brightoccasionsoffice@gmail.com – www.brightoccasions.com